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Wedding Editorial Production

ABRITTEVENTS will work to style and create a staged photo and/or video shoot for couples, vendors, bridal companies and more.  Our goal is to make all parties involved recognized in the production. We will tailor to your every idea and vision to make sure we capture your perfect moment. 

Find location 

We will find and book the location for the client. 


Book Vendors & create call sheet 

We will find vendors, models, photographers,  videographers and props for the client. Once we secure the vendors we will create a timeline and call sheet to ensure the shoot runs smoothly. 


We will create a mood board / style 

We will create a mood board and concept for your shoot. If you would like to be apart of the process we can make this happen! We love all ideas. 



Our team will be with you the day of the production. We will supply all the snacks, waters and supplies needed during the shoot. After the shoot we will gather all the information from each party involved to make sure everyone is included in the social media. We will review the work from the photographers and videographers with you to make sure we captured everything to make your dreams come true. 

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